Ice Cream Cake Pops

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m excited to share a delicious cake pop recipe that would perfectly accompany the tablescape I shared yesterday.

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Get the tablescape details here.

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This recipe is surprisingly simple, and the result is super cute!

Here’s what I bought (these ingredients made 24cake pops):


  1. Cake mix – I opted for funfetti
  2. Cake mix ingredients – mine called for oil, water, and three eggs
  3. Frosting – I chose rainbow chip (my favorite!)
  4. Candy melts – I got a funfetti melt and a pink melt
  5. Chocolate candies, like sixlets
  6. Sprinkles
  7. Mini ice cream cones (I couldn’t find these in the store, so I ordered my on Amazon)

And here’s what I did:

  • I started by baking the cake to recipe, then letting it cool.
  • Next, I crumbled the cake and put the crumbles into a large bowl – I did this in two batches, so I crumbled half the cake into a bowl and worked with it, then did the other half.
  • Since I was working with just half, next I added three tablespoons of frosting to the crumbled cake mix and stirred it until it got the consistency of play dough. The science here isn’t exact, since all cake mixes and frostings are a bit different, so the play dough consistency is a good rule of thumb.
  • Once it was ready, I scooped the cake pop dough into balls, using my cookie dough scoop to get consistently shaped dough balls.
  • I placed the dough onto a cookie sheet and popped it into the fridge to set for about an hour.
  • Once the dough was set, I melted my candy melts following the package instructions, and it was time to assemble!
  • For assembly, the first step was to dip the cone into the melted candy to give the cone a little rim. Then, immediately top the cone with a dough ball so the two can stick together as the candy melt hardens.
  • Then, I popped the cone/dough combos back into the fridge to harden a bit more (like 15 minutes).
  • By this point, the candy melts needed to be remelted, which is ok! Just be careful not to overheat the melts, as then they’ll break and become crumbly.
  • And now it was time to dip the dough end of the cones into the melted candy to coat completely. I held each cone upside down after it was coated to let the excess candy melt drip off, then flipped them over and set them down to harden.
  • I only let the pink coated ones harden a little bit before topping them with sprinkles.
  • For the white coated ones, I melted my remaining pink candy melts in a pastry bag. Once melted I cut off the end of the pastry bag and gave each white cone a little dollop of pink melt and topped it with a chocolate candy.
  • Once they were all decorated, I plated them on a festive cake plate and they were ready to be devoured!

These little bites are so festive and so fun! And, bonus, they freeze well so if you have extras, you can pop them in the freezer, and then take them out when you want to eat them yourself serve them. They’ll need to thaw about an hour after coming out of the freezer.

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Party on!

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