Podcast Love

Our trip to Sunriver included about 16 hours in the car total, and we listened to several podcasts on the drive. I LOVE podcasts, and in addition to listening on road trips, I tune in when I’m commuting to work and walking Penny. There are so many good ones out there, and I’m excited to share some of my favorites!

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Headphones here.

Young House Love Has a Podcast: I have been a fan of DIYers John and Sherry for several years, so I was excited when they started recording a podcast a little over two years ago. Their podcast tells the story of their DIY projects, including the successes and struggles. It’s a great mix of answering listener questions and hosting fellow DIY and designer guests. I love their upbeat and realistic approach to life and home improvement, and check out this awesome kitchen in their newly renovated beach house…


Wheel Travel Far Podcast: I discovered this podcast through one of my coworkers – it is hosted by her sister, Megan, and her sister’s boyfriend, Nick. The podcast is about the couple’s adventure as Overlanders on the PanAmerican Highway. They interview fellow Overlanders during each episode, so you hear a lot of different perspectives on the experience. The adventures are so inspiring and I love their dynamic with each other and their guests.


WDW Prep School Podcast: I found this podcast last year as I was prepping for my February trip to Disney World. The host, Shannon, is a Disney travel planner, and she offers lots of great tips and tricks for making the most of a trip to Walt Disney World. My favorite episodes are the trip reports where Shannon interviews travelers pre-trip to hear about their plans, and then again post-trip to hear how it went. I love this format because you see how each guest adjusted along the way to make their trip a success.


True Crime Podcasts: I’ve enjoyed several podcasts in this genre and since I really can’t pick a favorite because I like them all for different reasons, I thought I’d list them all here:

  • Serial, Season 1: this podcast tells the story of the murder of Hae Min Lee. Her boyfriend, Adnan Syed, claims he is innocent, and this podcast investigates. I love the approach to the telling of this story and hearing all sides of it.
  • S Town: this podcast follows an Alabama man named John, who contacts the podcast host, Brian, asking him to investigate a murder in his town. The story is equal parts intriguing and sad, and definitely keeps the listener engaged.
  • Up and Vanished: this podcast investigates the disapperance of Tara Grinstead, and the case is solved as the podcast episodes are being developed. I really enjoyed the story telling in this podcast, and the fact that it was solved in real time.

What are you listening to lately? I’d love suggestions!

Party on!

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