Basketcase 2.0

Happy August! Today, I’m chatting about my most favorite gift to give – a gift basket! I call this post 2.0 because I blogged about some fun gift basket ideas a couple years ago (here), and I’m excited to share even more ideas today.

One of the reasons I love gift baskets so much is that I find them so fun to put together. I like to come up with a theme, and then I enjoy the hunt for items to match that theme!

My current favorite gift basket idea is this bloody mary brunch kit! I found these adorable napkins and plates from Swoozies, and the idea was born. I got the galvanized tin from Target and tucked all the necessary bloody mary supplies inside (vodka, seasoning, tomato juice, a bloody mary rimming salt, and asparagus). I love how it turned out, and it’ll be perfect for a bridal shower brunch!


Another favorite wedding gift basket is this picnic basket with champagne tucked inside. This gift basket is the perfect last minute gift because it already comes as a set, so all I had to do was buy the champagne, and then I added some festive tissue paper to finish it off.


Now on to baby shower gift basket ideas! This first one was so much fun to put together. I did a quick scan of the registry and found a bunch of toys so I thought it’d be fun to order several and pack them in a nice basket that I know the mom-to-be will appreciate for storage.


These next two gift baskets were highly specialized for the recipient. One mom-to-be was craving cheese during her pregnancy AND she’s a Coug (from Washington State, for my non-Washington friends). Cougar Gold cheese is a local favorite, and once I spotted the onesie on Etsy an idea was born (no pun intended). I ordered some pants and a bow to complete the outfit, got a matching scarf for mom, and of course had to tuck in some Cougar Gold cheese!

The other gift basket was for a sorority sister. I found the adorable onesie on our sorority’s boutique site, found some pants to complete the look, and then ordered some bear booties to go with it (the teddy bear is one of our sorority’s symbols). To complete the basket, I made a sign with a line from our sorority lullaby.


The great thing about gift baskets is that you can really customize it to the recipient! If you want to go off the registry, you can find like items (order all the kitchen utensils, order all the towels, etc), and create an easy basket from that! I also love to include a few additional items if I’m buying off the registry. For example, if I’m getting all the towels, I might also tuck in some of my favorite bubble bath or some nice soaps. If I’m ordering the kitchen utensils off the registry, I might tuck everything into a nice utensil crock.

What’s your favorite wedding and/or baby gift to give? Please share!

Party on!

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