Rubber Ducky Punch

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a Sesame Street-themed baby shower and it turned out so cute.


Check out the details here.

We did an appetizer potluck, and I provided the drink. Of course I had to keep it “on theme” so I made a Rubber Ducky punch!

I bought one blue kool-aid mix, 2L of gingerale, and berry sherbet to make one batch of the punch. I first mixed the kool-aid mix and gingerale in my drink dispenser. Then, right before the party, I added a couple scoops of the sherbet to make the bubbles.

I had champagne and vodka on hand in case anyone wanted to make their punch a cocktail. I also found the cutest cups and straws to serve with the punch.

It turned out so cute and definitely looked like a bubble bath with the rubber duckies floating inside. And the Ernie Street cups were the perfect serving vessel!

Party on!

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