Cocktail Hour Shower

A couple weeks ago Chelsea and I were celebrated with the most wonderful wedding shower! Chelsea’s aunt Les, her mom, and her friend Christen, put together the best cocktail hour and we were showered with love from family and friends near and far.


The decorations incorporated a lot of pictures of us, gold, flowers, and candles. It was so so pretty.

The food was amazing. There were tons of little bites, all perfect for a cocktail party and all delicious.

The desserts were from a little local bakery and were a great sweet treat to finish the night.


The game was “Which Bride?” and was so much fun! Guests were given a list of things from our history and had to guess which bride that snippet belonged to. We had fun reviewing the answers with our guests 🙂

As guests left, they took home the cutest little container of lavender mojito hand scrub. It smells amazing and was the perfect little favor.


We were so lucky to be surrounded by so many friends, and snapped as many pics as we could with our guests.

And even though we didn’t get pictures with all the family members who were there, we were so happy so many could make it!

Once we got home and unpacked our gifts we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family. So many thoughtful gifts!


It was a great day and one we will remember fondly!

Party on!

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