Friday Favorites: Mickey’s Halloween Party

Hi friends! This week on Instagram I’ve been sharing all the fun from my trip to Disneyland last week. Be sure to check out my posts and story highlights here.


While I was at Disneyland, I had the chance to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party and it was so much fun! Today I’m sharing my five favorite things about the party and you can see all the snaps from the party in my recap on Instagram.Β  Continue reading

Incorporating Pets into a Wedding

This weekend I coordinated a beautiful Halloween themed wedding at a gorgeous old house in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Check out all the details in my Instagram story highlights – L+M Wedding – here.Β  The bride and groom have two pets they love dearly, and since the dogs couldn’t be there in person, they found an adorable way to include them. It also reminded me of some other fun ways I’ve seen pets incorporated over the years, so I decided to put all these ideas here in one place! Continue reading

Haku Lei {Flower Crown} How-To

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a tropical bridal shower for a sorority sister! It was such a fun day!!

tropical party

Read the details here.

Since every shower needs an activity of some sort, I thought it’d be fun for the guests to make flower crowns using plumeria. I coordinated a wedding a few years ago, and the bride ordered plumeria directly from Hawai’i. I reached out to her to get the source, and I was so pleased by the customer service of Molokai Plumerias. I emailed them to submit my order, then received a paypal invoice a few days later.

IMG_1427 (1)

The plumeria arrived in a temperature controlled box the day before the shower. I poured them onto some newsprint so they could air out and open up. By the time of the shower, they were fully bloomed and ready!

IMG_1456 (1)

The haku leis were actually very easy to make! In addition to the plumeria (which could be substituted with any other flower/s), I used wrapped floral wire and floral tape, both from Hobby Lobby. I opted for green wrapped wire, so it would blend well with the stems of the blooms. I also got green floral tape. Floral tape is great because it sticks to itself but not to you.

IMG_1428 (1)

Before the shower, I made my crown and a crown for the bride. I wanted mine to be done in advance so I could help others, and I wanted the brides to be done in advance so she could mix and mingle more freely with her guests.

Here I am modeling my crown in the late night prep hours before the party! πŸ˜‰

IMG_1429 (1)

Here’s how I made mine, and how I instructed the guests to make theirs…

First, measure your head with the floral wire, leaving about 2 inches on either end to secure it. Cut the wire, stretch it into a straight line.

Tear off about six inches of floral tape (I prefer to work with the floral tape in small segments as opposed to working directly from the role. This is also ideal for a party so you don’t have to buy too many roles of the tape because everyone can tear off segments and work at the same time).

Hold the plumeria bloom up to the floral wire, leaving about 2 inches of floral wire free for securing at the end. Wrap the floral tape around both to secure them. Add your next bloom, facing the same direction as the first bloom, wrap it, and continue.

Repeat the wrapping and securing until you’ve filled the floral wire, with the exception of two inches on either end. Form the wire into a circle, wrap around your head, and then wrap the wires around each other to secure.

IMG_1430 (1)

Start to finish it took about 10 minutes to complete. I loved seeing everyone get into the craft and sport their crowns throughout the party!

Party on!

Tropic like it’s hot!

What better time to throw a tropical bridal shower than the last day of summer?! And that’s exactly what I did!! πŸ™‚ I had the honor of planning a tropical bridal shower for one of my sorority sisters. She chose this theme to celebrate the location of her honeymoon to Hawaii and I was happy to oblige. The bride gave me a few wishes, and let me do the rest.Β Given the freedom to take this theme and run with it was so much fun!

tropical party

I found a perfect invitation on Etsy and let that dictate the overall feel and color scheme for the shower: Continue reading