Friday Favorites: ΚΔ Christmas Parties

Happy Friday! I’m taking today off of work to do some last minute prep for my annual ΚΔ Christmas Party with my sorority sisters! On my to-do list – the flower shop, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Total Wine… Whew, I better get going!!

Kaydee Christmas is an event I look forward to every year, and I love coming up with a new and different theme to change it up each time. Today’s favorites are reflecting on all the fun themes!!

My first favorite is the 12s Days of Christmas I put together back in 2014! This was a Seahawks-themed Christmas. For all my non-Seattle friends, Seahawks fans are referred to as 12s. The gifts were themed after the 12 Days of Christmas and the color scheme was green and blue. I loved that this theme was a little different than the typical red and green.


Read all about it here.

My next favorite is 2015’s KΔ Christmas, which was themed around Christmas carols. I used a bright neon color palette with some Kappa Delta touches. I didn’t blog about this one and I just have these two snaps from the party, so you’ll just have to trust me that it was tons of fun! 🙂

Another favorite is the Merry KhristmΔs party I planned the next year, and I used classic characters and a green and red color palette.


Check out the details of that party here.

Last year’s Plaid Tidings Party is my final favorite…for now 😉 If you’ve seen my decor post from this year, you know plaid is my favorite color, so it’s probably no surprise I loved this theme!

Read all those party details here.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram (personal account here; events account here) to see snaps from this weekend’s brunch party. And here’s a hint – in the air, there will definitely be a feeling of Christmas!

Have a great weekend, and party on!

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