Dressed in Holiday Style Party: Flower Arranging

Last weekend, I hosted the annual Christmas Party for my sorority sisters! I went with a line from the song “Silver Bells” for my theme, “Dressed in Holiday Style.” Yesterday, I shared all the decor details (see those here), and today I’m sharing all about our party activity – making flower arrangements!

holiday style flower 8

Last year, we made wreaths and it was a big hit, so I assumed flower arranging would be met with similar excitement and it was!

To prep for the activity, I ordered all my needed supplies. I found some pretty white and gold vases that were the perfect size for a beginner’s flower arrangement. I also liked that they were versatile and each guest could use them beyond the Christmas season.

pot-ceramic-claire-5in-white-gold-8 (1)

I also purchased floral foam and a variety of floral stems for everyone to choose from. I am (newly) obsessed with floral foam. I discovered it when I was making my wedding flower arrangements, and I couldn’t believe how fresh it kept the arrangements – many of them lasted a month! I also love that you don’t have to worry about the water spilling out when the arrangements are being transported. See. Obsessed!

For the flower stems, I decided on a variety of white and red flowers, a variety of greenery, some evergreen branches, some dusty miller, and some berries.

Before the party, I prepped all the stems by giving them a quick trim and putting all the like stems together in their own vase. I figured this would make it easy for each guest to see what was available as she built out her arrangement. I also soaked all the floral foam and put each piece in each vase so the vases were prepped and ready to be used.

When I got to the party site, I rolled out some wrapping paper to completely cover the table. Wrapping paper is my go-to table cover, especially for activities like this. I love that there’s a HUGE variety of pattern options, and it’s an inexpensive way to safely cover a table while still sticking with the theme.

On top of the wrapping paper, I set out all the vases filled with stems as well as the empty vases. I added in a special “Flower Arranging” sign, some glassybaby votives, and some cutting tools, and the table was ready for crafting!

Everyone had a great time making their arrangements, and even though they all had the same materials, each one turned out very unique. I loved seeing all their perfect creations, and I hope they enjoy them through the rest of the holiday season.

If you want to see my step-by-step arranging tutorial and tips, head to my @juliewendellevents Instagram page and check out today’s story!

Check back tomorrow to see the festive and well dressed favor everyone went home with! And, there’ll be a GIVEAWAY!!

Until then, party on!

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