#tbt: Pink and Gold Baby Shower

This #tbt goes back just a couple weeks – today I’m excited to showcase a baby shower I helped plan!

The mom-to-be loves all things pale pink and gold, so I was happy to oblige since I’m a huge fan of that color combo as well. I worked with a great team to plan the party – the aunt- and grandma-to-be and the aunt of the mom-to-be. They relied on me for the overall vision, and I made sure to incorporate their ideas so that everyone was part of the planning. My first step was to create a special private Pinterest board where we could all share ideas with each other. I like to do this anytime I’m planning a party, because it’s one central place where everyone’s ideas can collect. And, I typically make it private if I want the details to be a surprise for the guest of honor. Otherwise, I’ll leave it public. It’s public now, if you want to check it out.

Pinterest Screen Shot

Once we had all our ideas pinned to Pinterest, we met in person to make final design decisions and assign tasks. Since I had to work on the day of the shower, I set most everything up a few days in advance, and then the day of the rest of the hostess team added the final touches.

The diaper cakes were made by the future auntie and they were a big hit. My favorite part is what’s hidden inside each one – for the mom-to-be it’s her favorite wine and for the dad-to-be it’s his favorite beer! The cupcakes were store bought and topped with a couple hydrangea flowers. It’s a super simple topper that adds an elegant touch.

As you may have heard me say before – I love incorporating fresh flowers into my party decor. I used a variety of vases to add interest and mixed the flowers among the regular decor so there were shower touches all throughout the house.

The mantle was definitely the centerpiece of the shower. I incorporated my favorite glassybaby to match the theme. I also added some of my regular decor and the decor at the hostess’ house. The artwork was a sweet find from Hobby Lobby that was also a gift for the mom-to-be. The onesies were a special surprise from the grandma-to-be. She incorporated some of the sayings she used when her daughter was a baby. The onesies hung using pink clothespins from a burlap banner, both from Michaels.

On the sofa table, I set up a spot for the guests to fill out their addresses on envelopes to make it easy for the mom-to-be to write thank you notes. I also got personalized thank you cards with the baby’s name on them that matched the invitation. For the invitation I used Paperless Post to send the invites electronically, and then ordered a printed copy of the invitation as a keepsake for the mom-to-be. I displayed it at the shower in the chevron frame above.

The shower came together nicely, and the mom-to-be seemed really pleased with it all. Come back tomorrow, because I’m going to share my favorite shower activity ideas, including the craft I put together for this shower!

Party on!

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