Tasty Tuesday: Lapu Lapu Cocktail

In an effort to savor every last bit of summer, I’m sharing my favorite recipe hack for one of my most favorite summer cocktails – the Lapu Lapu found at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

I first discovered this drink a few years ago on a trip to Disney World and I was so excited when I found the recipe to recreate it at home.

Making it at home is certainly not the same as enjoying it after hopping off the monorail for a quick break before you head back to the Magic Kingdom, but nevertheless, I’ll take it!

So, first up, here’s what you’ll need:

Lapu Lapu ingredients

  • 2 parts Myer’s Dark Rum
  • 2 parts pineapple juice
  • 3 parts orange juice
  • 1 part Sweet and Sour mix
  • 1 part Bacardi 151 rum (as a floater)

Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, except the Bacardi, and pour over ice. Then pour into the drinking vessel of your choice.

If you can find a ripe pineapple and have a pineapple corer, you could be truly authentic and serve it in there. I went for the next best thing, my gold pineapple tumbler!

Float the Bacardi on top and serve!

Lapu Lapu prepared

As sad as I am to see summer come to an end, I’m equal parts excited for everything that fall brings, and anytime I need a small taste of summer in the middle of fall or winter, this cocktail will do the trick.

Party on!




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