Friday Favorites: One Year as Homeowners!

One year ago today we got the keys to our little house in Snohomish, Washington! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I love our little (seriously, it’s just under 1000 square feet!) house so much, so today I’m sharing my favorite things about our house.

This picture was taken right after being handed our keys – it had been a long, hard process with tons of house tours and several offers on other houses. I think we were still in shock that we actually made it to that day!


My first favorite is our street. It’s a tree-lined street with tons of historic homes and it’s a short walk to the historic downtown strip that’s lined with great restaurants and boutique shops. It’s the perfect location for us because we love walking to downtown to wander in and out of the shops and eat dinner.

I love our back patio, and that’s my next favorite! It’s a great space for summer dinners and at-home happy hours.


My third favorite is our kitchen/dining area – I love how bright it is. The finishes are exactly what I would’ve picked if I had designed the space myself. I would love a little more counter space and a couple more cabinets, but we’re making do and it’s forced us to downsize and be really selective in what we have in the kitchen.

Just off the kitchen is our dining area, and it’s where we have the table my grandfather made. This is the same table my dad ate at when he was growing up, so it definitely has sentimental value. Right after we moved in, I took the table to get refinished, and I love how it turned out. We also replaced the light fixture in this space and I love how big and bold it is.

Favorite number four is our living room. We have these great windows that bring in a lot of natural light while still feeling cozy. And, of course, the addition of a little dog to this house is definitely a favorite 🙂

My fifth favorite thing is getting to decorate this house for the holidays!

I’m limiting myself to five favorites today, because I feel like I could go on and on about things I love about our house – I guess it’s a good thing it’s ours right?!

We definitely have an ever-growing list of projects in mind for the house, too. At the top of the list is figuring out smart storage solutions for the garage. And, our guest room/office needs some work. We also have to be really smart about our closet space – since the house is 100 years old, it only has two closets and they’re small so we have to maximize that space as much as we can. Then, the not so fun project at the top of our list is getting more insulation.

The projects and putting love into improving the house are part of the fun and I consider us fortunate to be able to call ourselves homeowners.

Party on!

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