Make it Monday: Succulent Wreath

Happy Monday! I’ve had a fun day running errands and getting ready for the short week ahead. While brainstorming my blog posts for this week, I thought it’d be fun to devote them to the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017! I’ve always had a color crush on all shades of green, and I especially love Pantone’s selection for this year.


Isn’t it pretty?! I thought one easy way to celebrate greenery would be to make a wreath, and what better way to incorporate all shades of green than with succulents?! A quick (ha!  I think I’ve made that joke before…) trip to Michael’s and I was all set for a night of crafting.


First I laid out all my succulents. I bought a few higher quality stems and then bought some cheaper stems that would be filler. I bought the succulents in quantities of three so that I could balance them out around the wreath.


I used a grapevine wreath as my base. I really like grapevine wreaths because you can tuck floral stems into them to make them secure with very little hot glue.


The first three succulents I tucked into the wreath were the spiky green and yellow ones. I did a triangle shape, using the rule of thirds, around the wreath, then added in the next flower-like succulent.


Next I tucked in the the other large succulents again with the rule of thirds in mind.


My final touch was to add in the filler succulents. If you look closely at the picture from Michael’s, you’ll see what looks like a sheet of succulents hanging on the display wall. I bought that and popped the succulents off and tucked those in to really fill it out.


And with those last few succulents, the wreath was done! Start to finish (not counting the time at Michael’s ;)), the wreath took me 45 minutes. Easy peasy!


I decided to forego a bow this time and just let the focus be on the succulents. I’m really loving it, and I think it’ll be an indoor wreath to add a pop of green to our living room. I’m excited to continue celebrating GREENERY the rest of this week, so I hope you’ll come back by.

Party on!

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