Pig Party Crafts

This past weekend my sweet friend and KΔ sister, Dayme, celebrated her daughter’s 2nd birthday with a precious Pig Party!

A few months ago, Dayme asked if I’d be interested in creating some festive food labels for the party and of course I squealed (like a pig – get it?! ;)) at the chance!

She gave me her basic idea – pigs with party hats – and let me run with it. I used the invitation as inspiration and set out for the craft store to see what I could find.


I wanted to mimic the dots on the pig, so I got some white paper embossed with dots. For the party hats, I bought gold glitter paper, and for the bow, I found pink gingham ribbon. To write the foods on the labels, I got a gold pen.

I used my Cricut to cut out the pigs, then free-handed the party hats and bows. Once everything was cut, it was time to get the party pigs dressed!


I used hot glue to attach the hats and bows, then got to work labeling the pigs. And with that, they were ready to party!


While I was walking in my downtown, I spotted a cute little sign that I thought would be perfect for the Pig Party, and I decided to custom make one to fit the theme as a surprise for Dayme!


I found a wooden square sign, then used my Cricut again to cut letters and a tractor shape out of vinyl. I attached the vinyl to the sign, then painted over the top. I lifted the vinyl off the wood, and it left behind the original wood stain.

Once the sign was done, I packed everything up and sent it off to Texas!


The party looked like it was so much fun! Here are a few snaps from Dayme’s blog:

Make sure you check out the full post here, to get all the details from the party!

Party on!

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