Friday Favorites: Sunriver Vacation

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I leave Monday for THREE WEEKS in Europe. I’m taking my Girl Scout troop and we’re all just a little excited!! Five of the six of them will be seniors in high school next year, so this trip is something we’ve looked forward to for a long time. So, since I’ll be out of the country, after today I’ll be taking a little blogging break until the end of August.

Getting ready to leave has had me reminiscing about the previous trips I’ve taken my girls on. In addition to countless camping trips, field trips, and other local adventures, I’ve had the pleasure to take them to San Francisco, Oregon, Colorado, and I helped them plan a trip to Costa Rica (I didn’t join them, but they had a blast, and I loved helping them plan!). Those memories and the excitement for this trip is definitely a favorite this week!!

My other four favorites this week are all about the vacation I returned from last weekend, a week in Sunriver, Oregon!

Of course my first favorite is all the details I shared about our week in Sunriver! Check out that post here.

My next favorite is the cocktail I shared on Tuesday, which is inspired by a stop we made on our trip down to Sunriver, at Treveri Cellars. Get all the yummy details here.

syrah sangria 10

Every year in Sunriver, we all share dinner duties, and of course I have the pleasure of being in charge of the decor! This year, we decided on a tropical theme. Check out all the fun I had with that theme in this post.

tropical 44

And no tropical dinner would be complete without a tropical cocktail. I created a delicious tropical rum punch to serve with our dinner, and it is definitely a favorite. Get the recipe here.

tropical 5

It’s definitely been a whirlwind week getting everything ready to be gone for three weeks. Keep up with all the fun we’ll be having by liking our troop Facebook page, or follow me on Instagram.

I’ll be back at the end of August with some fun Back to School (what??) and fall (double what??) party ideas. See you then!

Party on!

On Fridays, I link up with Five on Friday and Friday Favorites.

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