Friday Favorites: Pumpkins

Happy Friday! This week, I’ve been sharing all things pumpkins in celebration of my favorite season, and my favorites this week are following suit.

My first favorite is the wooden sign I made. I’ve been crushing on a ton of wooden signs on Pinterest lately, so I thought I’d try and make my own. It was a fun project, and I’m looking forward to making more and improving my craft. Get the details here.


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Friday Favorites: Sunflowers

And just like that, it’s Friday again!! I hope this Friday finds you well! It’s been a fun week for me – my parents have been in town and I’ve really enjoyed spending time with them.

To get the house ready for their visit, one of my projects was making a new wreath for our front door. And my first favorite this week is that wreath! I’ve been really into sunflowers lately, so that was the inspiration for the wreath. Get the details on the wreath here.


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Make it Monday: Sunflower Wreath

Hi friends, and happy Monday! How are we already half way through September?! Wasn’t it just June??!! I am so excited to be back to sharing a craft project on the blog today.

When thinking about how I wanted to decorate our front porch for fall, I kept finding myself drawn to both sunflowers and cotton stems. Then, I spotted the best mat for our porch, and the idea was a go. I just knew I wanted a wreath to match the big graphic sunflower image on the mat, so that’s what I set out to do.

After a trip to Michael’s, taking advantage of their 60% off fall sale (hello!!), I was ready to get to work. I laid out all my supplies. Here’s what I got…

I got 4 sunflower stems, 4 cotton stems, about six stems of various types of greenery, and two stems each of two varieties of dried yellow flowers, plus a wreath frame and ribbon.

The first step was to trim the stems off, and then I got started tucking the greenery into the wreath. I love this type of wreath frame, because it makes it so you need very little, if any, hot glue, because the stems weave so nicely through the branches.

As you can see, I just sort of layered the greenery on top of the stem before it, and tucked and trimmed as I went. I knew I wanted it to be a one-sided wreath, where all my florals were just on the left, so with that as guide, I added and adjusted.

Next it was time to add in my sunflowers. Since this is the most prominent feature on the wreath, I made sure to balance out the placement so it wasn’t too heavy in one spot, but still felt organic.


After I was happy with their placement, it was time to tuck in the final stems. I started first with the cotton stems, then added in the dried yellow flowers. I like that each, along with the greenery, give the wreath some height beyond the circle frame.


The final touch was the ribbon. I really wanted the sunflowers to be the star, so I opted for a subtle beige and white striped ribbon. I also didn’t want a big bow to overpower, so instead I decided to just tuck strands of ribbon throughout, adding yet another texture.

And with that, it was done and ready to join the sunflower mat on the porch! I’m excited to add some hay bales, mums, and pumpkins to the porch to really dress it up for fall.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a fun sunflower recipe, so be sure to stop back by.

Party on!

Friday Favorites: Iceland

Fri-YAY!! I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time, because I get to head up to Canada tomorrow to pick up these two after their two week Alaska adventure/cruise…


It sounds like they have been having the best time, and I’m excited for their fun to continue with a week in Washington! We’re visiting Cascade National Park, Olympic National Park, wine tasting, and shopping. I LOVE having my parents in town, so that’s definitely favorite number one this week!!

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Julie Travels: Iceland

Hello there! Today I’m sharing more about my time in Iceland, this time it’s all about our adventures outside the city of Reykjavík. Since I was only in Reykjavík for two days with the troop, we didn’t venture outside of the city at all, so I was really looking forward to my time with Chelsea to see more of Iceland. We were fortunate to have four full days in Iceland. One of those was spent in and around Reykjavík, and the other three were road trip days!


Obviously, the first thing we needed for our road trips was a car, and we rented right from the airport. Had I known what I know now, I would’ve rented from a company I was more familiar with (there are several companies that also have a presence stateside).

The company we went with was fine, but I think I would’ve been more at ease with a place I had rented from before. Lesson learned! There are options for day trip tour buses, but we liked the flexibility of having our own car so we could be on our own schedule. The roads were easy to navigate and once we got a sense for what the different signs and symbols meant, we were comfortable interpreting them along the way.

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Tasty Tuesday: Crowberry and Rhubarb Fizzes

Happy Tasty Tuesday! It’s all about Iceland this week on the blog. Yesterday, I shared about all the fun we had in Reykjavík. Today, I’m sharing a recipe with two options featuring delicious and totally Icelandic liqueurs – the Crowberry Liqueur and Rhubarb Liqueur, both from 64º Reykjavik Distillery.


The crowberry grows on the moss covered lava fields of Iceland, and is similar to a blueberry. The distillery says the crowberry is “delightfully fresh and and slightly bitter…subtler than it’s more flamboyant cousins though just as widely used.”

And rhubarb is a favorite of many Icelanders, and the distillery says, “a stick of rhubarb was a common sweet for the children of Iceland – pilfered from a neighbour’s garden and dipped in sugar with every bite.”

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Julie Travels: Reykjavik

This week, I’m wrapping up my Europe travel posts with all things Iceland! Before planning for this trip, Iceland had never really been on my radar. I had a few friends who had been there, but I hadn’t given it much thought. Well, what a mistake that was, because Iceland is amazing!! I was fortunate to spend one night there with my girls on our Girl Scout trip, and then another four nights there with Chelsea at the end of the Girl Scout trip. And, I definitely want to go back someday!


Today, I’m going to talk all about my time in Reykjavík: where I stayed both times, where we ate, and what we did! If you missed my other Europe posts, you can read about Italy here, Paris here, and London here.

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland, and the country’s largest city, with a population in and immediately around Reykjavík of about 300,000 people. So, even though it’s the largest city, by US standards it is small, and that’s what makes it so charming! There are several museums, a beautiful waterfront, and tons to explore! Continue reading