Make It Monday: Easy Wooden Pumpkin

Earlier this fall, I got together with my sorority sisters to celebrate our sisterhood. Each year, we always come up with a new theme, and this year, we decided to do a Fall Favorite Things party! There are nine of us, so we each brought eight of our favorite fall item under $5. Then, at the end of the night, we all went home with eight great fall treats!

I love my pumpkin collection, so I decided it’d be fun to make pumpkins for everyone!


I enlisted Chelsea’s help with the woodworking and design and after a quick trip to Lowe’s, we were ready!

We purchased two eight-foot 2x2s, wood glue, a 3/4″ diameter dowel, paint, and ribbon. We cut the 2x2s into 4 inch sections, then used a planer and a belt sander to trim down the sides to give them curves and edges. Once all the pieces were cut and sanded, I stained them and let them dry overnight.

Once everything was dry, I glued four of the 4-inch sections together. Then, I painted them with orange paint and let that get good and dry. I didn’t paint it thick with orange, because I wanted the stain to show through a bit, too.


While the pumpkins were drying, I stained the 3/4 dowel, and Chelsea cut that into 1.5-inch pieces.


After everything was dry, I glued the dowel pieces onto the top of each pumpkin to form the stem, and let that dry overnight again.


Once it was all dry, I did some touch up painting and then tied the green ribbon onto the stem to form the leaves.

I was really happy with how the pumpkins turned out. I paired each one with a pumpkin cookie, and everyone seemed to love them!

It was so fun to see everyone’s favorites, and I scored some great treats! We decided this is our favorite theme, so it’ll be on repeat in years to come for sure.


These pumpkins were pretty simple, and I think they’d make great place cards at Thanksgiving, too!

Party on!

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