Julie Travels: Taking another bite out of the Big Apple

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by! Today I’m continuing my recap of my time in New York City by sharing all the delicious details of what I ate while in the city. I shared some of my favorite food spots in New York last year, so this is also a continuation of that post (read it here).


I ate lunch before catching the train to the city, so my first meal was lunch at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Smorgasburg is an open air food market, and is actually the largest in America! The first thing I did upon arriving was walk through the whole market to see what my choices were. I ultimately decided on a bahn mi taco, a blood orange doughnut, and a glass of rosé and everything was delicious. I also got a box of homemade ringdings and enjoyed those all week at my conference. I wish I could’ve tried many more treats, so I guess that just means I’ll have to go back!

My afternoon snack was a cookie shot glass filled with milk from Dominique Ansel in Soho. In my last NYC food post, I talked about the Dominique Ansel Cronut, and this time I was excited to try the chocolate chip cookie shot. When I was there, they weren’t serving the cookie shot from the pastry case just yet (they start serving those at 3 p.m., and I was there around 2 p.m.), but I was able to buy the gift set, and enjoyed that on the back patio of the bakery. The shot glass is made of a chocolate chip cookie, then the inside is coated in chocolate. The shot glass comes with a little bottle of milk infused with vanilla. The whole thing was amazing! And, I took a Cronut back to my conference and enjoyed that the next day – yum!

Bryant Park has a Southwest Airlines hosted porch, and it’s the perfect spot for people watching and a an afternoon drink. I stopped for a glass of rosé and it was the perfect mid-day break.

For drinks on a rooftop, I chose Mr. Purple which is located in the Hotel Indigo on the Lower East Side. The drinks were delicious and the views were incredible! The rooftop was really spacious with lots of comfortable spots to enjoy the view. I had the Blood Orange Spritz and loved every sip. All the drinks I spotted looked equally lovely.

I’m a huge fan of Tom Colicchio from Top Chef, so Chelsea suggested I check out one of his restaurants, riverpark, for dinner. I am so glad I did because it was amazing! It sits on the East River so the views are great and the food is so so good! I had a basil grapefruit cocktail, roasted chicken, and grilled ramps. Every single thing was so delicious and I highly recommend this spot!

Riverpark also has a patio with a more casual menu and table games, like a giant connect four and giant jenga. The patio is open seasonally, and would be such a fun spot if I were local!

I had originally planned to go to The Smith to try their s’more in a jar, but I ended up skipping that to catch the sunset from the Tudor City Bridge. The s’more looks awesome, so I’ll have to try it my next trip. Instead, on my way to the train back to Chappaqua, I got a chocolate shake from Shake Shack in Grand Central.

IMG_2157 (1)

I always love trying new spots and returning to my favorites when I visit New York, and I think this trip was a great balance between the two.

Check back tomorrow for my favorites from my week away in New York AND a bonus stop in Dallas.

Party on!

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