Magical Graduation Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a graduation party for my Girl Scout troop. It was a bittersweet celebration for sure, since I’ve been their troop leader for the last ten years and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end.

To read about our last year as a troop, check out my blog post here.


To commemorate this special time, I decided a magical celebration was necessary. 

When the girls were in middle school, they called themselves the Unicorns, so I thought it’d be fun to revive that theme in celebration of their graduation.

I was so thankful to be able to host the party at Chelsea’s parents’ house. It is perfect for entertaining, and I love hosting gatherings like this at a house as opposed to a restaurant. It gave everyone the opportunity to mingle casually, and we could have a variety of activities for everyone to do during the party.

For the table, I got a pink and white striped tablecloth from Amazon, and on top of that, I layered flowers, glassybaby votives, picture frames, and cake plates featuring a lovely max cake and cookies from Jenny Cookies.

On the mantle, Chelsea created a balloon arch for the party using teal, purple, and pink balloons, plus clear ones filled with confetti. She used this tutorial, which was perfect and so easy!

On the hearth, I set out the party favors. I filled gold boxes with a unicorn printable, a unicorn autograph book (more on that later), some Unicorn Snot lipgloss (that name – haha!), unicorn fizz bath dust, a unicorn coin purse, nail polish, and some fun colored sunglasses.

For the party activity, I set up a photo booth using this amazing backdrop. On a table next to the backdrop, I set out a polaroid camera, film, some fun pens, and an adhesive roller. Then, I encouraged all the girls to take pictures together and pass their unicorn autograph books around to each other to sign and glue their pictures inside. The girls really got into it, and it’ll be such a special keepsake!

And how great is that neon unicorn?! I found that here.

Around the house, I put up a few more balloons – a “2018” and a unicorn, and I also put out a variety of photos of the troop from over the years.

It was a potluck lunch, and everyone brought their favorite dish to share. In addition to the cake, I provided drinks, and of course those had to be on theme ;). For serveware, I found some unicorn plates, cups, and “class of 2018” napkins.

I was surprised with the most generous gift of cards from each parent and girl in the troop, as well as some fun unicorn-themed items! My girls know I love a good theme!


The party was a wonderful way to celebrate our ten years as a troop, and I was so happy for the time to be together before they all go off and accomplish big things.

This weekend, I am attending their graduation ceremonies, and it becomes officially official. I still can’t believe it!!

Party on!

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