Make it Monday: Painting Pumpkins

Today is my Harvest Brunch! I’m really looking forward to it, even if my to-do list is still a mile long. Isn’t that how it always seems to go?! You do tons of prep, but no matter what, the day of the event you’re left with a lot to do… I digress…

For today’s brunch, I wanted to have something quick, fun, and festive for the girls to do when they arrive. I gathered up some mini pumpkins from Trader Joes ($0.60 each!), some paint, paint pens, decorative brads and thumb tacks, and some decorative tape, and the Decoration Station is ready to go.


I decided to go for a metallic theme and white pumpkins for the craft to give it a modern vibe and something a little different. I’m excited for the girls to get creative and visit while the quiches finish baking this morning. I’ll share them in action on Snapchat (username: juliewendell).

This craft could also be a perfect Halloween kids’ craft (do you need something for tonight?!). It’d also be a great kids craft (or adult craft!) at Thanksgiving – and you could forego the paint and paint pens and just have little stickers out that the kids could decorate with, or even crayons. Look at how cool this pumpkin looks (found on Pinterest, blog linked in photo).


The white pumpkins would also make great place cards on a Thanksgiving tablescape. You could use a gold or silver paint pen to write each person’s name in cursive on the pumpkin. Or, they also have so many pretty metallic letter stickers, so if you don’t want to hand write the names, those would work well. Or even just two metallic stickers for the person’s initials.

Here are a few images I found on Pinterest after a quick search for “pumpkin placecards.”

Aren’t those great?! I love how classic and elegant they all look. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

My friend Dayme knows me well, because as I was out shopping for my pumpkin painting supplies, I received a message from her with this image telling me I should try it out.


I mean how beautiful is that?! The image is from this blog post. Wouldn’t that be so beautiful on a modern Thanksgiving tablescape? Or as a touch of fall in a bedroom? Painting pumpkins like this, with much more detail, would also be a great craft for a Fall Ladies’ Lunch or something, too. I love it, and I hope at some point in this busy season I’ll have time to give it a try.

Well, I better get back to that to-do list! I’ll be back tomorrow sharing some of the recipes for today’s Brunch and later this week I’ll share all the decorations.

Happy Halloween and party on!

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