Friday Favorites: Happy Holla! Days!

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been extra festive, especially with the awesome snow that rolled through to kick off last weekend, and I’m loving it!

This is our front yard in the early morning when we discovered SNOW!!snow

Today is exciting for me because it’s my last day of work before winter break! HOLLA! I’m super fortunate to work in an office that closes for two weeks for holidays.

This festive week started Saturday night with our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange party at Chelsea’s brother’s house, my first favorite this week. I was really excited about the gifts Chelsea and I brought (read more about our gifts here), and of course I had to dress in one of my favorite festive shirts (found here).

We came home with a five pound bag of unfortunate cookies. Fortunately, they are very tasty 🙂

My next favorite was all the fun we had Sunday! We ran Christmas errands (are there any better errands than Christmas errands? I think not) and put the finishing touches on our Christmas decor outside. Read more about our fresh evergreen wreath here.

Another favorite this week was finally finishing our mantle. I’ve been collecting Christmas trees for quite a while, and I finally felt like I had enough to group them together and showcase them on the mantle. I added some leftover greenery from the wreath, some glassybaby, and made an “O Christmas Tree” plaque on a wood slice (I am pretty much using my Cricut on a daily basis now. HA! Thanks to my friend Dayme for introducing me. Dayme, how did I last so long without a Cricut?!!)


In addition to tucking greenery throughout, I also attached a branch to the top of the wood slice, and I’m really pleased with the whole look of the mantle. I think it could stay up well into January if I just remove the wood slice.

Since it’s the last week of work, we had a small Christmas party at my office, and that’s my next favorite of the week. Check out all the details here.


Obviously, my glassybaby made another appearance at this party, as did Jenny Cookies. They are so YUM!

And my last favorite has been prepping for my sorority and Girl Scout troop Christmas parties! I keep the theme a surprise for both parties, so no spoilers here, but you can check out my past Christmas parties for these two special groups of friends here and here.

Come back next week to see all the details from this year’s parties!

Have a merry weekend, and party on!

On Fridays, I link up with Friday Favorites and Five on Friday.

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Happy Holla! Days!

  1. emyad says:

    I have so many things to say. First-, I have no clue how you lasted so long without a Cricut. That thing was made for you.
    I love your mantle and it can definitely stay up through Feb. and so jealous you are so close to Jenny Cookies-so fun.
    Have a good weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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