Happy Founders Day, Kappa Delta!

Today is a special day for my sorority, because it is the 120th anniversary of our founding! I love being a sorority woman, and I credit Kappa Delta for so many of the opportunities and experiences I’ve been afforded.

Last year, I shared my sorority story, and I’m linking back to that this year, too. Since I shared last year, I’ve made a few transitions in my volunteer roles in Kappa Delta. Now, as a member of the sorority’s National Leadership Team, I get to work with alumna chapter advisors. I love that work, and I love getting to see the passion and commitment other volunteers have for our beloved Kappa Delta.

In my local role, supporting the Kappa Delta Chapter at Washington State University, I am currently advising the Vice President of Community Service. I really enjoy this role as well, because I get to support the college women as they share their time and talent with the local community and local Girl Scouts.

You can read about my sorority journey here.

KD 2017

Pictured above are a few snapshots from my KD year since the last Founders Day. Starting from the top left: this was a picture of the newly elected council on election night at WSU. I love getting to go to Pullman for elections. I totally geek out on the election process, and I think it’s such an exciting time in the sorority.

Top middle: My long-time friend and sister, Melissa, and I got to catch up when I was home in Texas over the summer. Loved getting to see her!

Top right: The council/advisor retreat we have every January is called Kamp KD, and it’s a blast!

Middle left: I was honored to have some sorority sisters sit with me at my table during the annual Girl Scout Luncheon. I love my supportive sisters!

Middle middle: Every Kappa Delta was gifted an AOT necklace at Convention in Arizona this summer. It is definitely a treasure, and a great reminder of the unbreakable bond of sisterhood.

Middle right: I had the privilege of advising this amazing young woman, Rachael, this year, and I loved getting to spend time with her in Arizona.

Bottom left: My sorority bestie, Courtney! Don’t know what I would do without her. She’s my confidant, my biggest cheerleader, and the best sister anyone could ask for. Love you, girl!

Bottom middle: I had the opportunity to travel to Mississippi for a sorority visit in the spring. I loved my time with the KD Ladies at Millsaps College.

Bottom right: Donut you want to be a KD, too?!

I gifted my niece and nephew their own KD swag, so they could get dressed up to celebrate Founders Day, too 😉

A special Happy Founders Day to all my Kappa Delta sisters, and a happy Monday to everyone!

Party on!

6 thoughts on “Happy Founders Day, Kappa Delta!

  1. Courtney Dickey says:

    Love you right back sorority bestie!! 💚💚 If not for KD I wouldn’t have someone amazing like you in my life – you will always be my favorite KD story. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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