Cinco de Mayo Tablescape

Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching, so I thought it would be fun to put together a festive tablescape in celebration. I also thought it’d be a great opportunity to share a little history of the holiday itself.


Cinco de Mayo is often misunderstood to be a celebration of Mexican Independence, which is actually celebrated on September 15. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration to commemorate the Mexican Army’s hard fought Battle of Puebla that resulted in a victory over the French Empire.

This holiday is actually relatively minor in Mexico, and in the United States has become  an opportunity for people to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage.

So, knowing all that, I decided to make my tabelscape bright and festive, utilizing my favorite Mexican fabric as the color inspiration.

I also repurposed most of the decorations from the desert party I hosted last summer.

cactus 25

Read that post here.

So, back to this year’s decor…Layering over the top of the fabric, I used my cactus vases filled with crepe paper flowers. I tucked in some of my bright, bold glasssybaby votives, and used a cactus piñata as the showcase at the center of it all. As a final touch, I tucked in some battery-operated cactus lights.

For serveware, I pulled out my Fiestaware dishes in colors to match the fabric – pink, purple, orange, and green.

For each placesetting, I wrapped a cloth napkin with a crepe paper flower to complete the look.

The final look for the tablescape was the backdrop of tissue paper flowers which I love. I got those here and attached them to picture frames to get them to stand on the table independently.


I’m loving the bright colors, and look forward to celebrating! Check back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites, including a recipe for a delicious, classic margarita.

Party on!

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