Tasty Tuesday: Berry Patriotic

Hi friends! This week, I’m continuing my Fourth of July prep with more festive ideas. If you missed my posts last week, read the recap here.


Today I’m sharing the simplest recipe idea that will definitely be a crowd pleaser! Here’s what you need…


38 raspberries
38 mini marshmallows
20 blueberries
12 skewers

Assembly is super quick – the first five skewers get four blueberries each, then alternating marshmallows and raspberries. The last eight skewers get four marshmallows and four raspberries alternating each. I tried to find items that were all similar in size to get the most uniform look I could, and paid attention to how far onto the skewer I put the first item, so that I could line each one up evenly. Start to finish, assembly took me about 15 minutes.


The next step was to lay them out on a platter, and they’re ready to serve!


So fun, so easy, and so berry patriotic!


Party on!

5 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday: Berry Patriotic

  1. Dee Ann says:

    Julie, I’m definitely making these for the 4th! Such a cute idea!! And, those napkins!! “Welcome Y’all” Love! Please, send me the source! As always, such great party ideas!!!


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