#tbt: Pineapple Party

Today I’m throwing it back to Monday when I hosted the End-of-Year party for my Girl Scouts, which was also celebrating my eighth year as their troop leader! This year’s theme was all about pineapples and it was so. much. fun!

Pineapple Party

I started gathering supplies a few months back, and pretty much anytime I was out shopping and came across something pineapple it came home with me. I like to have a lot of items to choose from as I decorate for a party, and any items I don’t use I return after the fact. This helps me feel like I have the flexibility to do what works for the space get creative as I’m setting up!

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Make it Monday: Pineapple Art

Tonight I’m celebrating my Girl Scout Troop as they advance to the next level of Girl Scouts. Every year, I love planning this event and making it special for the girls to celebrate another year together. We’re finishing up our 8th year as a troop!

This year’s theme is pineapples, and I’ve had fun gathering and making decorations in preparation. I’m going to highlight my two pineapple craft projects today.

First up is an awesome pineapple planter. I happened upon this plain wooden planter at Target, and immediately thought it looked like a pineapple, so I picked up 4.


I got some yellow paint and found the perfect plant that looked like the top of a pineapple. It was a super simple and inexpensive craft!

Planter Done

You could also add glitter to the vase for texture, or you could add polka dots with a gold paint pen, or even paint bubble wrap and use it as a stamp to add a pineapple-like texture.

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Friday Favorites: Party Crafts

I always love to have something for guests to do at a party, and I tend to steer clear of games because I’m not a huge fan myself. So, today, I’m showing you my favorite party crafts. I usually select crafts that result in something for the honoree, but sometimes it’s fun for the craft to be something for every guest to take home. I’m showing you a variety today!

For the Pink and Gold Baby Shower I recently hosted, I put together a baby block craft.

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#tbt: Pink and Gold Baby Shower

This #tbt goes back just a couple weeks – today I’m excited to showcase a baby shower I helped plan!

The mom-to-be loves all things pale pink and gold, so I was happy to oblige since I’m a huge fan of that color combo as well. I worked with a great team to plan the party – the aunt- and grandma-to-be and the aunt of the mom-to-be. They relied on me for the overall vision, and I made sure to incorporate their ideas so that everyone was part of the planning. My first step was to create a special private Pinterest board where we could all share ideas with each other. I like to do this anytime I’m planning a party, because it’s one central place where everyone’s ideas can collect. And, I typically make it private if I want the details to be a surprise for the guest of honor. Otherwise, I’ll leave it public. It’s public now, if you want to check it out.

Pinterest Screen Shot

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A Year of Gifts

Today my niece turns 16 months! In honor of her, I’m highlighting the set of gifts I gave her in her first year. Since she lives in Texas, I wanted to come up with a way to spoil her from afar, so I came up with a year of gifts that I could deliver when I went to meet her for the first time. I did 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month gifts that my brother and sister-in-law could open at each of those milestones.

I did a new outfit and hair bow for each milestone. You could also do books, games, and/or a new pair of shoes at each milestone. I also tried to match the season for each milestone as best I could considering the fact that I was shopping a year in advance in the winter.

I feel like she looks more like a three-year-old than a 16-month-old in that picture above! And how beautiful is her newborn photo taken by my incredibly talented sorority sister, Paige?!

You could use the same “Year of Gifts” concept for a variety of other life milestones! Here are a couple ideas.

First Year of Marriage – at each three month mark, you could gift a date night (meal gift cards, movie gift cards, etc.). Or, you could do a bottle of wine that matches the season and end with a bottle of champagne for the 1-year mark! Another cute idea I saw on Pinterest was marking the “firsts” that happen in the first year.

First Year at College – college care packages are always appreciated, and every season, gift cards are a great idea for a starving student 🙂 A couple months in, a laundry care package would likely be very useful as the initial supply will likely be dwindling. Nearing finals time, a coffee shop gift card, brain food, and school supply essentials would be great. Then, returning to school for the second semester or winter quarter you could do cozy comforts from home like a soft blanket and homemade treats. Here’s a blog I found with some other really cute ideas!


Since we’re in the season of baby showers and weddings, if you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out my gift baskets blog post.

Party on!





Girl Scouts Global Action Summit

I’m skipping Friday Favorites today because I’m headed to Girl Scout camp for the weekend! I work with an awesome group of teens on the Global Action Team and they’re hosting a summit for middle school Girl Scouts to teach them about taking action through advocacy. 

Each year the team explores a different topic to teach at the summit, and this year it’s about putting an end to violence against women and girls. The middle schoolers will learn how they can make a difference in their home communities to help stop the violence. 

Learn more about the program here. Follow along during this powerful weekend by clicking #gswwglobaladvocate on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! I’ll also be taking over the @girlscoutsww Instagram account so you can see photos there, too.   

tshirts for the participants from customink.com

2016 Global Action Team

team journals from maydesigns.com

Camp Robbinswold

#tbt Baseball Birthday

This weekend is my brother’s birthday, so I’m throwing it back to my favorite parties my mom threw for my brother when we were little – his baseball birthday parties. My brother was/is a huge sports fan, and when he was little baseball ruled all, so that theme was carried over a few years in a row.

Baseball Party age 4

I love the mini helmets and the cute baseball glove cake my mom did for this party (you can sort of see it by my hand at the back of the table). And, I’m pretty sure we enjoyed some backyard baseball before we came inside for cake, ice cream, and cracker jacks. It was so fun – and I loved being in charge – surprised?! 😉

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Make it Monday: Pineapple Wreath

Wreath displayed

Pineapples are a current favorite for me – I love them! I think they’re so fun and summery, so they served as the inspiration for my new summer wreath. I wanted to do something a little different, so I started brainstorming while wandering the aisles of Michael’s. I saw a bag of pine cones and started seeing a vision of painting those and turning them into mini pineapples and my idea was set!

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