Make it Tuesday: Welcome Baskets


Since yesterday was a holiday, I’m doing Make it Monday today. Happy Tuesday!

I love putting together a welcome basket for out-of-town visitors. My parents were in town for a few days last week, so I’m highlighting the basket we had in the guest room to welcome them. I’m also going to talk about things I consider every time I put together these baskets.

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Happy Memorial Day! 

When I was in London a few years ago, I saw red poppies everywhere and learned that they bloomed in the fields of some of the worst battles of World War I, and became a symbol for the blood shed there.

I picked up some poppies in honor of Memorial Day and found this excerpt from a poem, which I love…

We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.

“We Shall Keep the Faith” -Moina Michael

I hope you and yours have a nice Memorial Day. ❤️

Friday Favorites: Inspiration

For today’s Friday Favorites, I’m highlighting my favorite blogs, those I turn to for party and decorating inspiration.

My first source of inspiration is the blog belonging to one of my favorite friends, Dayme Walther. She and I are sorority sisters, and we became fast friends in college thanks to our shared passion for decorating and entertaining. In addition to the excitement of her life with two adorable kiddos, Dayme’s blog showcases her incredible talent for interior design. Her spaces give me inspiration for party ideas, new color palettes, and unique decor.

One of the coolest things Dayme does is called a Surprise Nursery. She works with the parents-to-be to design two nurseries, and when they head to the hospital, she brings the design to life and the parents come home to a brand new room for their brand new baby!

Dayme also provides a wide range of design consultation services for clients near and far – for local clients (Dayme lives in Dallas) she can lead the entire design process; for clients who live far away, she can consult, provide a complete design, and compile a list of vendors for the client to do their own ordering and execution.

You can see more of Dayme’s work here, and below I’ve selected photos of some of my favorite spaces of hers:

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#tbt: Dinosaur Party Makeover

Hi there! I’m back after a blogging break while my parents were in town. My mom brought me a bunch of photos from the birthday parties she threw for my brother and me when we were young. So for today’s #tbt I’m showcasing one of those parties and giving ideas to modernize it!

This party was a dinosaur theme for my brother’s birthday one year. My brother LOVED dinosaurs, and most of his gifts on this birthday were dinosaur toys, books, and a couple awesome 3D dinosaur puzzles.

Dinosaur Party

Don’t you love those sweet treat bags?! I’d totally use those for a retro vibe in a remake party. We did a dinosaur dig at my brother’s party, and according to Pinterest, that’s still a popular idea. Here are some other dinosaur party ideas I found for a modern take on this classic theme…

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#tbt Neon Party

At the end of every school year, my Girl Scout troop celebrates with an awards celebration. In 2013, it was NEON! The girls thought of the theme after narrowing it down from a long list that included unicorns, of course. I had a blast coming up with ideas for this party.

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Bachelorette Watch Party, Part Two

Today I’m doing part two of my Bachelorette Watch Party – the food! If you missed yesterday’s post about decoration and activity ideas, you can read it here. And full disclosure this really should be labeled Part Three because when I sat down to write this post the first time all my photos read as FILE ERROR on my camera, so I had to reset everything and recreate it…but I digress 😉

I kept the appetizer ideas simple and quick, so they could come together after a day at work! The first treat is chocolate fondue with strawberries. I’ve had this fondue pot forever, and I always enjoy bringing it out for parties. It’s easy and fun! My set comes with colored skewers to make it easy for my guests to keep track of their own utensil, which I love. If you don’t have a fondue pot, you could do a bowl of dipping chocolate or make chocolate covered strawberries in advance.


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Bachelorette Watch Party, Part One

The Bachelorette premiere is next Monday, May 23, and I found some napkins that inspired me to put together a party plan for the premiere (pictured in the post). Whether it’s just a party of one or a few friends, these ideas are quick and easy to put together after a day at work.

Today I’ll talk about decorations and tomorrow I’ll show some fun and easy food ideas, including some Stud Muffins, obviously 😉


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